Purina Feed Ingredient Merchandising

If it goes into animal feed we can sell it to you!

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  • Heritage


    We are a nearly 100 year old agriculture cooperative on the Fortune 200 with a strong Midwest presence, and we take a long term view in the marketplace. We have an established reputation for integrity in all that we do. We are committed to our customers and building equity for the long run.

    • “Our heritage is one of cooperation and returning equity to our members. We are united in a common cause, committed to excellence and have never lost sight of the value of a hard day’s work”
  • Integrity


    We not only merchandise feed ingredients but we also source the same ingredients for the animal feed manufactured at our Purina plants. As a result we are industry leaders in staying abreast of current issues related to feed inputs, whether it is mycotoxin concerns in a certain crop year or the impact of exports on changing costs. We also have our own in-house formulation staff and understand best cost considerations with respect to ingredients. We can not only source your ingredients but can provide you direction based on what our own feed plants are using understanding current cost considerations.

    • “Integrity is a cornerstone of our brand. It’s our customers’ assurance of quality and a standard that we don’t deviate from.”
  • Insights


    Using a team approach, we continually strive to provide unsurpassed merchandising and marketing service to our customers. That includes drawing upon a wealth of expertise offered by our PhD nutritionists, formulators and research scientists to extract full-value from our merchandising efforts. By sharing our experience in nutrition, markets, logistics, and value-added insights our goal is to enhance your ability to seize opportunities in the marketplace.

    • “Our longstanding relationships with our customers differentiate us from our competitors.”