Barley Products

Barley-corn blend, steam rolled (80/20)

Barley-corn blend is a mixture of 80% steam rolled barley and 20% steam rolled corn.


Barley/malt pellets

Barley/malt pellets contain a mixture of Barley Screenings, Barley Chaff and Malt Sprouts. The mixture is ground then pelleted.


Barley Screenings

Obtained during the normal aspiration of barley for the purpose of environmental control and safety within a grain handling facility. It shall consist primarily of barley parts and less than 6.5% ash. This product may be determined to be barley screenings if in excess of 50% light or broken barley grains.


Barley, Steam Rolled

Steam rolled barley is barley grain which has been steam conditioned and passed through compression rollers to flatten the kernels and crack the bran coat. The steam rolling process improves digestibility of the grain.


Barley, Whole

Consists of the entire seed of the barley plant. U.S. #2 grade or better is required.

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